Prices 2013 US$ S/.
Single Room 40 114
Matrimonial Room 50 142
Double  Room 50 142
Triple Room 65 185
  • All rates are per room, per night (Taxes are applied to Peruvians includes in the price).
  • include american breadfast.
  • Also includes Cusco airport pick up.
  • You can feel free to ask by a discount for groups or families.

If you made your reservation trough our web site, you will going to have special discounts, write us to info@jomahostelsperu.com or call us to this number 051-084-253822.

Contact Info:

Phone: 051-084-227598
E-mail: Info@jomahostelsperu.com
Address: Av. Pardo N° 891
Cusco - Perú